How does it work?

The Repair Shuttle lifts the reparation employees and materials to the  repaired spot. At the spot the glass pane can be repaired in a safe and efficient manner.

The full reparation will be executed from the outside of the greenhouse. This leads to the following benefits:

  • Safe and efficient
  • Very suitable for larger glass panes
  • Short reparation time
  • No longer dependent on the available reparation capacity.
  • No damage to costly crops during reparation
  • No transmission of viruses

Since all roof glass panels can be repaired immediate and safe, the glass cover will remain intact. This way the domino effect will be reduced in case of storm.

Reparations with the Repair Shuttle can be executed simple and fast by the maintenance employees of the grower or a repair service. After all, all facilities are ready for immediate use.

The Repair Shuttle contains a small gantry crane. A frame containing a winch and vacuum suction cups hangs from the crane. The Shuttle contains a storage facility for new glass panes and broken glass. The new glass pane will be positioned in the rabbet using the frame with vacuum suction cups.

The reparation will be performed by only two employees, even with the largest glass panes. The Repair Shuttle contains a colored safety rail that permanently secures both employees with a safety harness.

The Repair Shuttle satisfies all relevant CE marks and guidelines.