Electrical Glass Elevator

Safely lifting glass vertically with the electric glass lift: Prevent accidents

Prior to starting a repair, it's important to load the glass safely onto the Repair Shuttle. For this reason, we've designed an electric glass lift that can automatically lift the glass from ground level to the storage area of the Repair Shuttle. After the repair, the broken glass can be removed in the same safe manner.

The glass lift stops automatically at a pre-set endpoint at the top, thanks to a mechanically adjustable setting. At the highest position, the glass frame can be tilted to a horizontal position and secured. Then, the glass can be easily slid onto the glass table of the Repair Shuttle.

The electric motor of the glass lift is suitable for various types of power, such as 400 volts/50 Hz for the European market, 480 volts/60 Hz for the American market, and 600 volts/60 Hz for the Canadian market. An earthed power point is required on the greenhouse or moving platform. There are more electrical connection options available on request. Another option is to use a generator.

Possible positions of the glass lift on the greenhouse

The glass lift can be mounted in three different positions on the greenhouse:

  • At a fixed angle, mounted against the structure on the side of the greenhouse
  • Hanging from the service rail, moving along with the moving platform
  • Against the moving platform or the roof washer platform (this option is not possible with all types of roof washer platforms).
  • Storage in the shed and hanging on the service rails during repair work.

Repair Greenhouse Glass lift

Repair Greenhouse Glass lift


To make container transportation costs as efficient as possible, you can choose to have the glass lift delivered disassembled with a maximum length of 5.75m so that it fits into a standard container. Once on site, the glass lift can be easily assembled using bolt connections.

Glass lift specifications

  • The weight of the glass lift when empty is 250 kg.
  • The maximum lifting capacity on the glass rack is 1 pane, max. 50 kg.

Repair shuttle

The proven solution to ensure the safety of employees and subcontractors and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

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Electrical Glass Elevator

Load the glass safely onto the Repair Shuttle so that you can start with the repair work.

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Movement Platform

Easily move the Repair Shuttle and the glass lift along the greenhouse facade to the correct gutter.

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