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The solution for safe glass reparation

Legislation is clear; it is prohibited to enter the greenhouse roof without a safety facility that prevents danger of falling. However worldwide a lot of work and reparations are done on the greenhouse roof in an unsafe manner. Every year severe accidents take place due to the unsafe manner in which glass is repaired, some even with a fatal outcome. GHT has great expertise in working on the greenhouse and would like to contribute to the reduction of the amount of accidents with the Repair Shuttle.

Repair shuttle

The proven solution to ensure the safety of employees and subcontractors and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

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Electrical Glass Elevator

Load the glass safely onto the Repair Shuttle so that you can start with the repair work.

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Movement Platform

Easily move the Repair Shuttle and the glass lift along the greenhouse facade to the correct gutter.

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Faster, Safer, Cheaper

With the Repair Shuttle, a roof glass pane can be replaced in a safe and efficient manner.

CE certified

The Repair Shuttle was built conform the Europese (CE) guidelines.

International delivery

The Repair Shuttle has been installed in many countries across the globe, such as: Spain, France, England, Belgium, Israel, The Netherlands, The United states, Australia, India and Russia.

Winner European Good Practice Awards

Rewarded with a Dutch and European 1st prize as most safe maintenance facility!

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